Using Safety Measures When Utilizing A Pallet Racking System

If you just opened a business where you will need an area for the safekeeping of tools and items used for construction, you may decide to invest in a pallet racking system for inventory purposes. This is a great way to keep your needed materials at different levels so employees can utilize them when needed. It is important to take a few precautions in the way this area is maintained so employees are not at risk of an unavoidable injury. Here are some tips you can use in the setup of your pallet racking system to keep those using it safe on the premises.

Handle Installation Properly And Check The System Often

It is best to hire a professional installation service when putting in a pallet racking system. They will ensure the posts used to hold the shelving is secure and less likely to tip. Inadequate stability can cause someone to become hurt if they try to get an item off of a shelf, making you prone to potential lawsuits as a result. Hiring a professional will protect you from potential suing and will increase the likelihood that your system is installed with your employees' well-being in mind.

Take the time to check the posts and attachments regularly to make sure there are no loose components. Tighten any bolts as necessary. It may be beneficial to keep tools for tightening purposes near the pallet racking system so repair can be done immediately when needed.

Adhere To Weight Restrictions To Keep Employees Safe

When you have your system installed, take the time to read any accompanying paperwork to find out the weight restrictions of each shelf within the pallet racking component. It is important that all employees have access to this information as well. Place labels upon each rack indicating the maximum weight recommendations of each shelf. A scale should be kept near the racking system so employees can double-check the load they are going to place upon the system at any time.

Use Metal And Rubber To Protect The Racking System

Placing metal barriers a few inches away from the perimeter of the racking system along the floor will aid in keeping forklifts and other equipment from getting too close to the structure. This will minimize the potential of a tipping accident. Rubber pieces can also be placed upon posts to aid in keeping those near the pallet system from getting injured as they walk past.