Items You'll Need In Your Welding Inspection Kit

If you're looking to expand your welding career, then you should consider becoming certified as a welding inspector. An inspector is an important job with a lot of responsibility, since you could check work done on bridges, buildings, or other structures, which affects public safety. Because of the increased responsibility, you'll earn a good salary. Besides welding experience and training, you'll also need to learn other skills in order to be certified. Additionally, when you do your inspections, you'll need your own welding inspection kit. You can buy a kit with everything you'll need to pass the exam, or you can put together your own. Here are some important items you'll need.

Weld Gauges

You'll need a variety of good gauges to measure weld quality. There are a variety of gauges you can buy. Some come in multi-tool units in their own case. For instance, you might buy a set of 16 individual gauges. Other gauges come attached together, much like an army knife, so you can select the one you want while keeping all the pieces together. This is convenient when you don't want your tools to take up much space. Other tools are larger and adjustable and perform the work of multiple gauges. No matter what kind of gauges you buy, make sure the equipment you choose can measure width, depth, and length of welds as well as bevel angle, undercut depth, and gap. To accomplish this, you'll need at least three types of gauges. One is a basic weld gauge, another is a fillet gauge, and the last one is an undercut gauge.

Measuring Instruments

Other measurement tools you may need are a ruler, micrometer, and caliper. For inspecting fine work, you may need a magnifier also so you can see the weld better and read the markings on the measuring tool you use. If you order tools without seeing them first, make sure they use the measurement form you need. Some tools have metric measurements only, while others have both centimeters and inches. You'll need tools that provide the readings your employer and local jurisdiction require to show work is up to code.

The Case

One of the best things about buying a welding inspection kit that is already put together for you is that the case will be customized to hold the tools you'll use every day. The tools fit into molds in the case so that they are easy to reach without fumbling, and they are protected as well. You can buy different types of cases. A common kind is a hard vinyl case that looks something like a briefcase. You can also buy a case that rolls up and is easy to carry or attach to your body if you need to leave your hands free while climbing or walking to the inspection site.

Your measurement tools and gauges are a vital part of a career as a welding inspector. You'll definitely want your own tools so you can carry them with you all the time. The more you use them and get used to handling them, the more accurate and efficient you'll become. Since you'll be working around construction sites, you'll want to buy quality tools and a durable case so your investment lasts for a long time.