Up, Up And Away! How To Use Scaffolding As Ladders

Fiberglass scaffolding is extremely lightweight. It is so lightweight in fact, that a section of it can be carried under your arm and easily pulled up to another level from the ground. As such, you might be more inclined to use fiberglass scaffolding as a ladder rather than using an aluminum or steel work ladder. Here are some valuable suggestions on how you can use a section of fiberglass scaffold as a ladder.

At the Ground Level

From the ground to the roof on a one- or one-and-a-half-story home is about the length of a section of scaffold. You can easily prop the scaffold section against the house vertically, and climb the side bars just like a ladder. If you need a little more height, two sections fit end-to-end and propped against the house will suffice.

Top of the First Story to the Second Story and Above

Once you are on the roof or the top of the first floor of a home or building, you can grab hold of the top of the section of scaffolding. Because it is so light, you can pick it up from off the ground and pull it up to you. Then prop it up on the roof where there is a stable spot, or use it to climb from the second story to stories above. You can repeat this maneuver as much as you want or need to. If you need to pass scaffolding up to higher levels, everyone working on a construction crew can pass sections and climb up until there is a person on every level to pass sections up higher.

Ladder Accessory for Scaffolding

If you want to build a really sturdy scaffold to climb, assemble your fiberglass scaffold sections as you ordinarily would. There is an accessory for these scaffolds that actually is a ladder. If you want to pay extra to get several of this particular accessory, you can. Each ladder section only takes up about 2/3 of the width of each fully constructed section of scaffolding. It clamps onto the end bars and can be fully horizontal or on the diagonal to meet your specific climbing and walking needs.

Sideways Ladders

Most people think of ladders as vertical structures. However, you can place a ladder on its side to "climb" sideways from one part of a building to another through a narrow passage. The same holds true for fiberglass scaffolding if you first make sure the section is secure against two firm, vertical beams.

Talk to a pro, like Advanced Scaffold Solutions, for more help.