Mistakes To Avoid While Using An Electrogas Welder For Your Machining Project

If you are working on a new machining project for your factory that requires the use of an electrogas welder, you may not be used to using this form of continuous arc welding. If this is the first time you are using this process, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes while using an electrogas welder for your machining project.

Foregoing Properly Cleaning the Metal

Especially if you are in a hurry, you may be tempted to forego cleaning the metal properly before you start welding. Since electrogas welding only affects the edges of the metal, you may believe that they are clean enough for the job.

However, the edges of the metal are often the dirtiest, as they are exposed to dirt, grease, and oils more then the center of the metal, especially if the pieces are stacked on top of one another. If you neglect to clean off the dirt and lightly grind down the surfaces, any residual debris will weaken your weld and make your finished project brittle.

Forgetting to Ensure Proper Ventilation

Another mistake you need to avoid to keep yourself safe while using an electrogas welder is forgetting to ensure that your area is properly ventilated. Since the weld is created using a continuous motion, you will be subjected to constant exposure to the shielding gas, as well as any fumes that are given off by the metal.

If your area does not have proper ventilation, such as opened windows, fans, and negative pressure vents, you run the risk of asphyxiation while welding. Also, some fumes that are given off by metals such as galvanized steel can settle in your lungs and damage the tissue.

Neglecting to Keep the Arc in the Correct Position

Unlike other forms of welding, electrogas welding is performed by keeping the arc from the electrode between the metal and the consumable welding material. If you try to create the weld as you may already be used to doing, such as keeping the electrode in the center of the consumable, you will not have a strong enough weld to hold the metal together.

While you are creating the weld, keep checking to make sure the arc comes into contact with the side of the consumable material that is connected to the metal. This process is done on both sides, so concentrate on one all the way down the weld before you jump over and weld the other side.

Avoiding the above mistakes while performing the electrogas welding process can help ensure that you stay safe while achieving a strong weld. For more information on using your particular electrogas welder model, contact the industrial equipment supplier through which your factory obtained the machine.