How To Get The Most Out Of Your Oilfield Operation

The United States oil and gas industry surpassed $160 billion in recent years and doesn't appear to be slowing down. If this is your field of choice, it's vital that you learn how to keep your oilfield projects safe and productive. You'll need to continuously get results out of every project, and this only happens when you're mindful of the details. For worksites that are safe and fruitful for your business, read on. 

Get ahead of your repairs

Many problems at oilfields could be avoided by getting ahead of the game with maintenance. For instance, repairing an oilfield pump to keep it running is far less expensive than having to replace it altogether because of an equipment malfunction. Set up a regimented list of repairs to go through as the year goes on so that these sorts of problems are avoided. Otherwise, not only will you lose money in repairs, but you will also lose money due to downtime. On average, companies lose a whopping $2 million annually due to downtime. By staying ahead of the curve with oilfield repair, you shouldn't be to affected by downtime. 

Hire the best professionals and keep them comfortable and supported

You and a small managerial team need to get together regularly to make decisions on new hires. Your oilfield will thrive when you hire professionals that are skilled and who take their jobs and safety seriously. By making each hire a team effort, you have more control over the type of culture you would like to instill. Once you do have professionals in place, make sure that you're giving them everything they need to succeed. Help them train, keep work stations clean, and provide comfortable rest areas for scheduled breaks. You should also install plenty of portable toilets for your oilfield so that bathroom breaks are never a concern. These oilfield portable toilets can be rented on a 24-hour basis or by blocking out a certain number of dates. 

Organize every facet of your project

Your oilfield requires as much organization as you can muster so that you can avoid liabilities and cut unnecessary costs. When you start to overlook details, that's when injuries and accidents begin to take place in larger numbers. Since the oilfield industry already has one of the highest injury and accident rates, keeping your site organized and up to high standards will help prevent this. 

If you incorporate these tips, your oilfield will be much better for it.