3 Surprising Facts About Toner Cartridges

Copiers and laser printers found in an office environment are required to produce many documents throughout the course of a normal day. The use of a small printer or copier would not be feasible to meet an entire office building's needs, so larger units are used instead.

Larger copiers rely on toner cartridges to help transfer images and text to paper. Toner cartridges are interesting components that function in some unique and surprising ways.

1. One Toner Cartridges Replaces Multiple Ink Cartridges

Most people assume that ink cartridges are required when using a copier or printer. Smaller units might rely on separate black and color cartridges, but larger machines must perform more efficiently.

To achieve maximum efficiency, all of the ink is combined into a single unit for larger copiers and printers. The unit is the toner cartridge. A toner cartridge typically has a very high performance capacity. This means that you won't have to change it as often as you would ink cartridges in order to maintain the quality of your printed and copied materials.

2. Toner Cartridges Don't Actually Contain Ink

Despite the fact that tone cartridges are designed to replace the black and color ink cartridges that can be found in smaller copiers and printers, these toner cartridges actually contain no ink. Instead, toner cartridges are filled with a powder that is used to transfer text and images onto paper.

The toner is charged via static electricity when the printer or copier is in use. The powder contents are attracted to the toner drum as a result of this static electricity. As blank paper passes over the drum, the powder is transferred onto the surface of the paper to create your document.

A fuser inside the machine helps to melt the powder to the page, making the text and images permanent.

3. Toner Cartridges Are Built to Last

If you have ever grown tired of replacing ink cartridges regularly, then a machine with a toner cartridge might be what you need. The cartridges that hold toner are much larger than their ink counterparts. This allows the product to produce more documents, reducing your overall printing and copying costs.

You can purchase a cartridge with a customized ratio of black to color powder based on your printing needs to further extend the life of your toner over time. The longevity of these cartridges are one of the reasons why they have become so popular in professional settings.

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