Minimize Your Laundromat's Downtime By Anticipating Repairs

Laundromats tend to be fairly hands-off businesses, but that doesn't mean that they aren't without their problems. Repairs can quickly add up and lead to significant downtime or loss of customer capacity. Calls to technicians can also become pricey when new parts must constantly be ordered. A single visit from a repair technician can be expensive, but these costs add up if multiple visits are required for diagnosis and repair. Although it is impossible to anticipate every potential problem that might crop up with your washing machines, certain common repairs can be anticipated.

Does It Make Financial Sense to Stock Up on Spare Parts?

Even for high-end commercial washers, labor tends to cost more than replacement parts. This means that spare parts can usually be purchased relatively cheaply, especially if you aren't trying to cover every single possibility. Instead, look back at your laundromat's maintenance records and check for common repairs. If you have the information available, it's also worth examining how long each machine was down for specific types of repairs. Are there any failures that required parts to be special ordered? Are certain failures occurring more often than others?

By focusing on failures that you know have happened on your machines, you can ensure that you aren't stocking up on parts that are likely to sit in a storeroom unused. If your machines are fairly new, research common parts failures. Stockpiling only parts that have a known history of failure is a cheap way to make sure that you aren't stuck waiting for a hard-to-get part.

How A Repair Stockpile Can Benefit Your Business

It may not be any more costly to buy parts now than to wait for a machine break down, but does it make sense to spend money to fix something that isn't yet broken? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. The costs of a failed machine go beyond the labor and parts to repair it. A machine that isn't operating generates no revenue and reduces your laundromat's overall customer capacity. Having multiple machines down at once can increase overcrowding in your laundromat and even drive away existing customers.

Having a stockpile of commonly used parts allows you to deal with failures much more quickly and efficiently. If the failure is one that you've anticipated, then your technician can show up, diagnose the problem, and replace the part in one trip. This saves you money on your repair costs and helps you to get your laundromat back to full capacity more quickly.

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