Choosing Replacement Doors for Your Warehouse

For a warehousing operation, the loading doors can be one of the most used components in the building. As a result of the intense wear that these doors will experience and their importance, you are likely to need to replace these devices at some point. As a result, it can be vital to be prepared for all of the factors that will have to be reviewed when choosing new warehouse doors.

Consider Whether the Replacement Warehouse Doors Work With Your Opening System

If your warehouse doors currently utilize an automated opening and closing system, any replacement doors will need to be compatible with these systems. In addition to knowing the dimensions of the railing that will guide the doors, you will also need to know the load limit of the opener. Otherwise, you may choose doors that are too heavy for it to open without suffering damage. However, if your opening system is more than five years old, it may be close enough to the end of its lifespan to warrant a proactive replacement.

Avoid Underestimating the Importance of Energy Efficiency With Your Doors

Your warehouse likely has an expansive interior space and keeping this space a safe and comfortable temperature can be extremely energy-intensive. Unfortunately, the warehouse doors can be a major contributor to efficiency problems with the building. In addition to the heat gain or loss that occurs from opening the doors, it can also be possible for the doors to impact the energy efficiency of the building even when they are closed. For example, you may find that that poorly insulated warehouse doors can allow heat to be transferred through the door more easily. Additionally, it can be possible for these doors to be more prone to developing gaps that could allow drafts to alter the interior temperature. Consider energy efficiency when picking a new door.

Be Mindful of Your Security Needs When Evaluating Warehouse Doors

Your warehouse may contain an assortment of valuable items and products. This can make its security a primary concern for your enterprise. Luckily, the warehouse doors do not have to represent a sizable security liability for the building. In fact, many modern warehouse doors will be equipped with sophisticated security systems that can make it possible to greatly reduce the risk of them being breached. These can range from access control panels to sensors that can alert your monitoring system to a breach or unauthorized use of the doors.

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