Top Signs Your Hydraulic Piston Rings Need To Be Replaced

There are various components of your hydraulic system, and it's important for all of those parts and components to work as they are supposed to. Otherwise, you might have issues with your hydraulic system, and you might even find that further damage will be caused. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which parts are the cause of the problem, but you might want to check your hydraulic piston rings first. These are a few signs that they might be the source of the problem with your hydraulic system.

The Piston Rings are Old

Hydraulic piston rings should last for a long time, particularly if you buy the right piston rings in the first place and if those piston rings are installed properly. However, even well-made and properly installed hydraulic piston rings can wear out. When this happens, issues can occur with your hydraulic system. If you know your piston rings are old, it's not a bad idea to go ahead and change them when you're performing other repairs and maintenance. Even if you don't change them right away, you may want to go ahead and purchase extra hydraulic piston rings now. Then, if your older piston rings break down unexpectedly, you will already have replacements on hand so that you can swap them out quickly.

The Piston Rings Have Visible Damage

If you are able to see your piston rings without disassembling too many parts of your hydraulic system — or if you have already taken your system apart so that you can perform maintenance or repairs — you might want to take a quick peek at your piston rings. If there is something wrong with them, you should be able to see visible damage. They might be stretched or cracked, for example. If you are able to see noticeable, visible damage, then you should go ahead and replace the piston rings before they fail completely.

There's a Leak

Piston rings are designed to create a seal within your hydraulic system. When they fail, you might have to worry about various types of leaks. Depending on the types of piston rings that are damaged, you might notice that there is a leak of hydraulic fluid or air. Of course, there are other issues that can cause these leaks, but you might want to start by checking for issues with piston rings. After all, faulty piston rings are a common cause of these issues, and they are a quick and affordable fix, so you might want to try replacing them first.

To learn more, reach out to a company where you can buy hydraulic piston rings.