It's Worth Going High-End When Buying Casing Scrapers for Your Oil Well

If you manage one or more oil wells, you know that things can get messy and that keeping your well's casing clear of excess gunk over time is important for extending the overall lifespan of that casing. The most common method used to keep an oil well's casing clear is to lower one or more oil well casing scrapers into the well. These scrapers are essentially blades that will remove dried oil and other gunk that can cause blockages from the sides of the well without damaging the casing itself. If it's time for your company to invest in a new scraper or two, here's why it's worth paying the extra money for a more premium scraper.

The Quality of the Blade Matters

Your casing scraper is only as good as the blade that it uses. For best results, a blade that has been heat-treated to increase long-term durability is key. You may also want your blade to have anti-corrosion properties or water resistance so that you don't have to perform too much maintenance on the blade itself other than the occasional re-sharpening. A sharper, more durable blade will cut through a blockage on the first try instead of requiring multiple attempts and taking your workers extra time.

The Casing Scraper's Range of Motion Matters

Another way that you make your operation more efficient would be to get an oil casing scraper with a wide range of motion. There are even scrapers capable of turning in a full circle within the well.  When your casing scraper has a wide range of motion, it can cut through the gunk with one swipe instead of requiring multiple readjustments in order to get the cut to move at a different angle or towards the opposite side. A scraper with a wider range of motion will again cost more money, but the time saved may well be worth it to your company.

The Durability of the Joints Matters

When talking about the quality of a casing scraper, the blade itself is of course one of the most important parts, but don't forget about the joints that the blade is attached to. A higher-quality joint will allow you to move the blade with more force without worrying about the blade suffering damage.

If it's time to replace your oil well casing scrapers or you are starting an oil well-based business for the first time, keep in mind that the quality and build of the casing scrapers you use is important. Talk to a provider of casing scrapers today for more information.