Worried About Running Out Of Heating Oil? Get Automatic Delivery Via A Tank Monitor

Day-today temperature extremes can make planning difficult, including when it comes to having home heating oil delivered. For people who rely on heating oil, this can pose a challenge in having an idea of when they need heating oil delivered and how much heating oil they'll use in any given month during the winter. Fortunately, most heating oil delivery services offer locked-in savings, budgeting plans, and various options for pre-scheduling deliveries.

However, when the temperatures drop down to well below freezing and the real feel temperature is brutal, you will likely use more heating oil than previously anticipated, even by the delivery company. Instead of taking the risk of running out of heating oil when it's brutally cold outside, here are a few ideas.

Have Your Tank & Heating System Inspected 

First, you'll want to make sure your entire heating system is working properly and that there are no leaks in the tank or in the supply line that runs the oil from the tank to the furnace. If any leaks are detected, they should be repaired so you don't lose precious heating oil during the harsh winter months. Of course, if any repairs are needed for the furnace or other parts of the heating system, they should be repaired as well. 

Install a Smart Tank Monitoring System

As Murphy's Law would have it, the worst things happen at the worst times. Running out of heating oil on a day when the temperatures are in the single digits would be a perfect example of Murphy's Law. 

Instead of taking the chance of running out of heating oil on one of the coldest days of the year, install a smart tank monitoring system. This system will keep an eye on your tank's fuel level. You can download an app to your mobile device so you can monitor the heating oil level in the tank in real-time. And, even better, is that the heating oil delivery service will also be monitoring your tank. This allows them to automatically send out a delivery of heating oil when your tank gets low.

The monitoring system also includes leak detection so you can rest assured that the oil you paid for is being used to heat your home instead of losing money by having the oil leak out of the tank. Speak with a heating services provider—such as Cash Oil—for more information on what types of monitoring systems they have for heating oil deliveries.