Is Poor Water Quality Damaging Your Industrial Boiler?

If you experience numerous problems with your boiler throughout the day, it could be due to poor water quality. The feedwater you use for your boiler could be filled with scale—or hardened minerals. Scale can wreak havoc on your boiler over time. Learn more about scale and how you can remove it from your boiler's feedwater supply below.

How Does Scale Affect Your Boiler?

Feedwater naturally contains calcium, magnesium, phosphates, sodium, and many other minerals. If you treat your water regularly, you can remove most of the minerals from it. However, poor feedwater isn't easily treated. The mineral content inside your feedwater may be too great or numerous to treat effectively on your own because the minerals can form scale inside your boiler over time.

Scale, or hardened minerals, can be extremely difficult to remove once it builds up inside your boiler. Scale can block the flow of feedwater through your boiler system. The scale may also become acidic enough to corrode the metal components inside your boiler. Corrosion can cause tremendous damage throughout your boiler system.

Scale buildup can also prevent steam from escaping your boiler during operations. An overheated boiler can potentially explode over time. You want to keep your equipment from exploding at all costs.

If you think scale and poor water quality are behind your boiler's problems, contact an industrial boiler repair and service provider today.

How Do You Remove Scale From Your Boiler?

An industrial boiler repair and service provider will check the quality of your feedwater. If your feedwater isn't clean enough to use for your boiler, a service will pretreat it. A company will discuss its pretreatment methods with you after they visit your facility.

A service provider will also mechanically or chemically descale your boiler. Each method is relatively easy to complete. However, most companies use the mechanical method to clean their clients' boilers. Mechanical descaling uses a high-powered hydraulic machine or tool to remove scale. The method doesn't take long to do. If you're pressed for time or need to get your boiler up and running right away, mechanical descaling may be the best option for you.

If there's something else wrong with your boiler that may require time to fix or solve, a service provider can provide an emergency boiler system for you to use. They will deliver the boiler to your facility as soon as possible.

Find the boiler services you need for your facility by contacting an industrial boiler service provider such as ESI Boiler Rentals LLC.