When You Might Consider Using PCD Tools When Fabricating Materials

There are a lot of fabricators starting to use PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools more in their operations. You might want to do the same if these situations apply to your fabrication projects.

Carbide Tools Are Letting You Down 

Before there was PCD, there were carbide tools. They were a staple tool choice for many fabricators. If you still use these tools and you're not getting the type of longevity or fabrication performance you're looking for anymore, then it might be time to make the switch to PCD tools.

Their diamond composition makes them extremely durable and thus capable of fabricating all sorts of materials in a refined way long term. Making this switch could result in better fabrication and less money spent on tooling since PCD tools last so long. You'll just need to use PCD tools as they were intended to be used and follow the correct maintenance protocols with them over the years. 

Looking to Cut Down on Fabrication Time

Even if your availability is pretty open as a fabricator, you probably don't want to spend more time than you need to fabricating materials. You can drastically reduce fabrication time if you invest in PCD tools, thanks to their polycrystalline diamond makeup. 

Since it makes your tools more durable, you can use them at faster speeds and that equates to less fabrication time. You can get in and out when completing fabrication work and thus have more time for other operations that are important to this line of work.

Need to Retain Tight Tolerances

There might be some materials that need to be fabricated in a precise way. One slight mistake could ruin the material and then force you to start over. Not only is that costly, but it could also be expensive. That's why it's a good idea to make the switch over to PCD tools.

The diamond protection lets you retain tight tolerances for a long time so you don't have to worry about making a bunch of mistakes or not having a high-quality finish at the end. As long as you fabricate at a steady, controlled pace, PCD tools will leave you with superior results.

There are so many PCD tools you can incorporate into your fabrication operations. If you have yet to make this tooling switch, you might consider doing so because it's going to help you fabricate with more precision and help you reduce tooling costs. 

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