Selecting The Right Oil For Your Car, Truck, Or Other Engine

It can be very easy to get confused standing in front of the oil shelf at the local auto parts store. There are so many types, brands, and grades of oil. How do you know what you're getting and what you should use in your engine? It isn't as hard as it seems, though. There are a few things to consider but you can decode the mystery of which oils fits your needs.

Can (And Should) You Pave Your Campground's Trails Yourself?

If you've recently purchased some wooded acreage with waterfront access and dream of setting up a campground or cabin rental site, you may feel overwhelmed at the amount of work that awaits you -- from plumbing and wiring multiple cabin building sites and arranging for construction to paving your parking lots and driveways with asphalt or concrete that will be able to stand up to boat trailers and heavy-duty trucks with minimal maintenance.

What Should You Do To Maintain Your New Air Compressor?

If you've recently purchased your first heavy-duty air compressor, you may be excited at the prospect of effortlessly pumping up your truck tires or utilizing air tools to perform various auto repairs. Because your air compressor is so often used to help maintain other pieces of mechanical equipment, you may find that you overlook its own maintenance. What should you be doing on a regular basis to keep your compressor in good shape for years to come?

3 Ways To Modify Temporary Boilers For Optimal Efficiency

Regardless of why you may need temporary boilers, what you need is the same as everyone else — a temporary source of power and heated water. Instead of renting the first temporary boiler you lay your eyes on, look for these 3 specific modifications or additions that will improve the overall efficiency of the boiler. These changes will increase the amount of output energy and heat each boiler can provide while reducing the input amount of electricity or fuel needed.

Tips To Keep Your Oil Dumpster Neat And Clean

If you have recently opened a manufacturing plant that uses cooking oil, motor oil, or other oil-based lubricants to create products, then you likely have some waste oil piling up in barrels or bins that will need to be discarded in a proper manner. To get rid of the oil properly and in a timely manner, consider renting a waste oil dumpster from your local waste management company. Not only will the oil be properly collected in one area, but much of the waste oil will actually be recycled and re-refined in a way that helps the environment.